Reason And Religion (In English) By GANGAPRASAD UPADHYAYA


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This book, Reason and Religion provokes rational thinking on subjects like God, Soul, pure of creation, the so-called mediators the prophets the priests, immortality, birth and rebirth, and the n for prayer. It also deals with subjects like superstition heresy, and various religious beliefs like monism pluralism, and it provides some views on Vedic too.

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Reason and Religion is one of the foremost writings of Shri Pandit Ganga Prasad Upadhyaya, the eminent scholar of Arya Samaj renowned author, orator, philosopher, an educationist. He wrote some five dozen books. amskrita, Hindi, English and Urdu. Hi commentaries on Veda mantras reveal his deep inside into the divine thoughts, and his profound know led of the tradition of the Rashes- the rash approach t the Vedas.

To banish religion is one thing; to try to free it from the bondage of pretenders is quite another.

Whatever the diversity in the opinions of scientists, they all agree on one point, i.e. the eternality of natural laws.

If it were not so, there would have been no science at all, for all scientific researchers are based upon the supposition that the laws, which govern nature were the same, are the same and will remain the same.

Thus, we see that behind all thinking there is a ruling idea that the laws of the universe are eternal, though the universe itself may not be so.

I say, if the belief in the eternality of laws is forsaken then it is absurd to infer anything about the invisible past or the invisible future and equally meaningless to speak about the limitedly visible present.

By human laws I mean not the laws that govern humanity, but the laws which man has enacted for him or for others from time to time.

Human laws are an effort on the part of man to effect adjustment. They accord with the laws of nature in the sense that they cannot violate nature; it is impossible for Them to do so.

If man were a mere tool in the hand of do-called nature, there would have been no question of right or wrong or failure or success, as these always convey an idea of march to some goal always implies a will.


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