• Sampuran Manusmriti – सम्पूर्ण मनुस्मृति

    स्मृतियों या धर्मशास्त्रों में मनुस्मृति सर्वाधिक प्रामाणिक आर्ष ग्रन्थ है । मनुस्मृति के परवर्तीकाल में अनेक स्मृतियाँ प्रकाश में आयीं किन्तु मनुस्मृति के तेज के समक्ष वे अपना प्रभाव न जमा सकीं , जबकि मनुस्मृति का वर्चस्व आज तक पूर्ववत् विद्यमान है । मनुस्मृति में एक ओर मानव समाज के लिए श्रेष्ठतम सांसारिक कर्तव्यों का विधान है , तो साथ ही मानव को मुक्ति प्राप्त कराने वाले आध्यात्मिक उपदेशों का निरूपण भी है , इस प्रकार मनुस्मृति भौतिक एवं आध्यात्मिक आदेशों उपदेशों का मिला – जुला अनूठा शास्त्र है । 

  • Life After Death ( Pt. Ganga Prasad Upadhyay )

    The phenomena of life and death are indeed great mysteries , more perhaps the latter . Does somebody create us ? Who creates us and why ? If God creates us why does He let us die ? Is death a punishment ? If it is a punishment , how is it then that an innocent child who has not done anything wrong or , in any way , offended God , dies from disease or in an accident ? Similarly , why does a holy man who has spent all his life praying and doing good to others die ? More to the point is the question : Why is it that some are rich and some are poor , some intelligent and some foolish ? Why are then such disparities ? Who inflicts them and why ? If it is said that it is God’s will , what sort of person is this God ? A self – willed tyrant , not answerable to anybody . unreasonable and unprincipled ? Then there is the question what is life . Sometimes a healthy man with all his organs intact is found dead . People say ‘ life ‘ is missing in him . What is this life ? Consciousness ? What is consciousness ? Sometimes a man may be unconscious and yet alive . He may continue in this state for years . Death is cessation of life but when you cannot define life , how can you

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