• India In The Shadow Of Gandhi and Nehru (In English) Guru Dutt

    In the year 1966, Guru Dutt worte a book under the title of ‘Jawaharlal Nehru—a Critical Study’. The book was so controversial that it gave rise to the rumour that it had been proscribed by the Government of India. In 1967 certain newspapers did come out with the news that steps were in progress to proscribe the book and prosecute its author. However, nothing of the kind took place.

    The present book is a deep study of the words and deeds of Nehru and Gandhi.

    The author has taken great pains in critically studying the activities and philosophies of these two eminent personalities of our country and placing before the reader the other side of the picture. His thesis is based on works of Nehru himself and also on works of other eminent writers of the day. He was referred to more than 200 quotations which support and lead to his logical analysis. How far he succeeded in piercing through the many walls of prejudices which sustain the pet notions about, them it is for the reader to ponder and judge.

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