• What is Veda (Sanatana Foundation of Universal Dharma) By Dr.Tulsi Ram Sharma

    Veda is the Sanatan foundation of Universal Dharma, original, ancient, Sanatan yet modern, living in creative response to the changing circumstances.

    Sanatan Dharma till today has passed through many historical stages: the Original Vedic in what is called the Vedic age, then ritualistic, pure as well as distorted, theistic, even non- theistic, ethical, moral, symbolic, mythological, with even a variety of ‘Gods’ divine and human, until the time of Swami Dayananda and after.

    Beyond this historical variety of Dharma, as Swami Dayananda asserted, this book concentrates on the Original Vedic Dharmik message of Jnana (Knowledge), Karma (active Living), and Upasana (Praise, Prayer and Meditation). It covers the knowledge and modern relevance of creative evolution of the world, material, biological, spiritual and socio-political.

    It covers the Vedic knowledge of Shruti, Smriti, Sadachara and freedom of Conscience, and many other themes such as age of the Vedas, Devata, science, society, karma and the karmic cycle, punarjanma with reference to reincarnation in other traditions.

    Written on the model of Swami Dayananda’s Rgvedadi Bhci`shy a Bhumikci, this book takes into account the change of circumstances while dealing with Vedic themes in relation to present time. In this I.T. age of science, democracy and globalism, you will feel surprised by the modernity of the ancient and the timeless.

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