• Snakes in the Ganga: Breaking India 2.0

    Rajiv Malhotra is a researcher and public intellectual on civilizational studies, world religions, and cross-cultural encounters. He was trained initially as a physicist, and then as a computer scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence in the 1970s. After a successful corporate career in the USA, he became an entrepreneur and founded and ran several IT companies across twenty countries. Since the early 1990s, as the founder of his nonprofit Infinity Foundation (Princeton, USA), he has been researching civilizations from a historical, social sciences, and mind sciences perspective. He has authored several best-selling books that have impacted many leading intellectuals worldwide. Rajiv also serves as chairman of the board of governors of the Center for Indic Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and is on the advisory board of the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla.

    Vijaya Viswanathan is a mechanical engineer by training and holds an MBA from the Wharton Business School. After a successful corporate career in manufacturing and finance based in the USA, Singapore, and Europe, she turned her focus to education. As she embarked on a homeschooling journey with her children, she gained deep insights into the relevance of Indic knowledge systems in modern education. Vijaya is active in initiatives that focus on curricula, pedagogy, and mentoring. As a student under Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Vijaya studied Vedanta as well as dharmic and civilizational thought. Vijaya also serves on the board of Infinity Foundation.

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    Snakes in the Ganga: Breaking India 2.0

    720.00895.00 20% off
  • क्रांतिकारी महिलाएं – Krantikari Mahilaye By Murarilal Goyal

    देश की धरती ने देश को अनेक वीरांगनायें प्रदान की है । झांसी की रानी, लक्ष्मी बाई की वीरता की दस्तान तो हर जुबान पर चढ़ी हुई है पर रानी दुर्गावती , रानी पेठगम्मा , बेगम हजरत ग्रहल , रजिया सुल्तान , इन्दिरा गांधी के नामों को भी मुलाया नहीं जा सकता । इनके अलावा अन्य वीरांगनाओं का इतिहास भी कम गौरवपूर्ण नहीं है । उन सभी को पुस्तक में यथेष्ठ स्थान दिया गया है । यह पुस्तक देश की वीर नारियों की गौरवगाथा का दिग्दर्शन कराती है ।

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